We were acquired by a Fortune 100 company in a HIGH eight-figure deal. It was a brutal series of pitches, and Chris was critical to our success.
Alberto ZamoraCEO of Movilizer



My clients have earned several million dollars in the last year alone using this pitch formula. You’ll learn the optimal pitch structure and how to make your pitch persuasive based on research and case studies.

The following services are provided:

  •   Organize your pitch into the structure that wins funding
  •   Make your pitch hyper-persuasive to hold attention
  •   Craft strong slides to sell your story

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Your Pitch Score

How effective is your pitch right now?

Email your script and get scored for the level of success you can expect. You’ll also receive feedback on what you can do to raise your score and improve your chances for funding.

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get_scoredProvide your community a fully-hosted workshop so they practice and take away tools that ensure powerful skills in the future. In the workshop, founders learn:

  • The formula for a successful pitch
  • Necessary skills to influence investors

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“Chris’s presentation on pitching was very valuable to our audience, academic environmental scientists.  As one participant related, “Focus on you, not I (which is what academics often do!)”
– Margaret Krebs, Program Manager of Leopold Leadership Program

“Chris created a highly interactive session working on the key skills people must consider when attempting to convince an audience to act. Not only does Chris foster a mastery of the skills, but he does so in a manner that allows his students to have fun while practicing the craft.”
– Steve Siegel, Director of Silicon Valley Program at Claremont McKenna College

“Chris developed a well-proven, easy-to-use and flexible framework for creating pitches, and he helped each company improve its delivery in real time. Highly recommended!”
– Stephen Johnston, Aging 2.0 Entrepreneurial Program Co-founder

“Chris’ communication course has made me a better and a more confident communicator.  Using key concepts from Chris’ course, my emails are more concise and persuasive–doubling the response rate.  And instead of dreading public speaking engagements, I actually look forward to them now.”
– Keo Chao, Financial Consultant with Key Point Credit Union

“Chris approaches communication from a totally different perspective than most scientists are used to. He taught us to shift from an information-oriented to an audience-focused communication style to better and communicate our value.”
– Ermelinda Porpiglia, Programs Committee CoChair, Palo Alto Women In Science

“I attended Chris’ workshop on persuasive email writing and the day after applied his simple scheme to ask for recommendation letters. Within an hour a Nobel laureate and the CSO of a company who has won an important prize from the White House replied, saying they would be happy to help me.”
– Francesca Meschi, Stanford Post-doctoral student