About Chris

Chris works with CEOs worldwide from South Africa to Australia, coaches MBAs at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and hosts workshops throughout Silicon Valley. His model helps entrepreneurs pitch effectively in high-stakes situations, and he has coached this model to several hundred startups in the past year. This model will transform how others view your company.

His work is featured in Kauffman Fellows Academy, online arm of the world leading program in entrepreneurial training. Chris also specializes in persuasion and founded Stanford Leaders in Communication to teach the art of influence. His experience ensures you present your ideas persuasively.

Chris’ background includes startup marketing and international business management where he managed over $100 million in annual revenue. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, and he also holds a Masters in Psychology. Chris also competes regularly in presentations contests and has bested thousands of speakers in the Bay Area. All of these skills assist you in crafting a successful pitch no matter how technical or esoteric the content.


Chris’ coaching empowered me to engage and connect with my audience
Emmie ThomasCo-founder and CEO, Knowji